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Frequently asked Questions for Buyers

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How can Buyers receive a copy of the Home Report?
A Buyer should ask whoever is advertising the house for sale for a copy Home Report. This is usually an Estate Agent or Solicitor, but could be another business or individual.

Will it cost Buyers anything to obtain a copy of the Home Report?
No, Buyers will receive a Home Report free of charge, although they may have to pay a reasonable charge to cover the costs of copying and postage.
If the Seller isn't using an Estate Agent or Solicitor, the Buyer should be able to get a Home Report directly from the Seller.

How quickly must a Seller or their agent comply with a request by a prospective Buyer for a copy of any or all of the Home Report documents?
A person responsible for marketing a house must provide a copy of any or all of the documents within 9 working days.

If I buy the house, do I have to pay the Seller back for the cost of the Home Report?
This is a matter between the Buyer and Seller.
There is nothing is the legislation that insists that the Buyer of the house should reimburse the Seller for the cost of the Home Report.

Are Home Reports required across Scotland?
Yes. All houses marketed for sale in Scotland will require a Home Report, with only a few exceptions.

What can buyers do if a Home Report is not provided?
Buyers should receive a Home Report within 9 working days of requesting it.
Sellers may refuse to provide a copy in certain limited cases. These are where the Seller believes that the person making the request:

If a Buyer believes that they are being denied a copy of the Home Report unlawfully, local authority trading standards officers are responsible for enforcement of these duties.

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